If you repeatedly experience technical problems with GameDuell, we recommend that you check whether you meet the necessary technical requirements to be able to use GameDuell without errors.


Games not loading or playing correctly can have various causes. In order to determine and correct the exact cause, it is necessary to isolate the source of the error as much as possible.


Go through our technical tips step by step and/or ask our customer service for advice:


1. Are you using the right internet program (browser)?

GameDuell optimizes its services for the most common Internet programs. If you are having problems using GameDuell, it may be helpful in certain cases to use a different browser. If you are experiencing technical problems, you can narrow down the problem further by first testing whether the problem also occurs when using a different browser.

You can download and install various browsers for free on the Internet.

Please always make sure that you have installed the latest version of the browser of your choice.

A selection of the most common browsers:

For gamers with older computers or limited RAM, we particularly recommend the Opera browser.


2. Are there outdated internet files on your computer?

Please regularly delete the temporary internet files (cache and cookies) in your internet program (browser) and then restart the browser. When doing so, please make sure to select "all", "entire period" or similar in the period setting rather than "only the last hour".

Most problems can be solved quickly by deleting cache and cookies.


Instructions for the most common Internet programs can be found here:


"Settings" > "Safari" > "Delete data and cookies".

"Advanced" > "Website Data " > "Delete all website data".


3) Check if your browser hardware acceleration settings are optimal 

Turning hardware acceleration on or off in your browser can also solve technical problems. We recommend testing both settings once here, as this approach can have different effects depending on the technical requirements.


Google Chrome

  • Click the three dots at the top right of the browser.
  • Click on "Settings".
  • Under System you will find the setting "Use hardware acceleration if available".
  • Set or remove the check mark under this item.
  •  Restart the browser and test whether the change has a positive effect on your gaming experience.



  •  Click on the three horizontal lines on the right edge of the browser.
  • Click on "General".
  • Under "Performance" you will find the "Use recommended performance settings" setting - uncheck it here.
  • Now you will see the setting "Use hardware acceleration when available".
  • Set the checkmark to activate this setting.
  • Restart the browser and test whether the change has a positive effect on your gaming experience.


4. Are you using an outdated operating system?


Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows XP and Windows 7, and will soon stop supporting Windows 8 as well. No new security issues will be addressed, which can result in high risk when using outdated operating systems online. We therefore strongly advise you to switch to a newer version - ideally Windows 10.


You can find more information directly here at Microsoft.


Mac OS X

Always keep your Mac OS X up to date. A free update is available to users starting with version 10.6.8 here. This ensures that components, such as the Safari browser, are always technically up-to-date.


5. Do you play using a wireless internet connection?

Experience has shown that you may experience frequent disconnections when trying to play our live games via a wireless internet connection. Since the connection strength can vary more often with wireless connections, please use a fixed Internet connection via cable if possible.


Furthermore, please check the WLAN channel that your router works with. This can often solve existing connection problems in your WLAN network.

You can find explanations on this topic here.

Connections via LTE or UMTS are not recommended due to lack of signal stability.


6. Are other programs running in the background, or is your connection being used by other people?

In some cases, the simultaneous use of other programs/Internet sites (for example, Internet radio, YouTube, downloads, etc.) can lead to dropouts or long loading times. It can also have a negative effect if several people and devices share an Internet connection and use it at the same time.


7. What are the minimum computer requirements for our games?

Your PC should meet the following specifications:



2x 2.00 GHz (Celeron / Intel i3,i5,i7,i9 / AMD)
Intel HD / Intel UHD / Nvidia graphics card / AMD Radeon graphics card; 4 GB graphics memory
Windows 10


Mac OS

Intel Core™ Duo-Processor with minimum 2,00 GHz
4 GB graphics memory
macOS  Version 10.12, 10.13, 10.14


You can find more details here.


8) Ensure that you are able to use HTML5 without errors 

In order to provide you with the best possible gaming experience, GameDuell has adapted its offerings to the new web standard. Our new, technically updated versions of our most popular games are based on HTML5 and therefore require different computer specifications than the previous Flash-based versions.


Please check your system and update it if necessary to be able to use our games and all website features without any problems.


The most important tech tips for solving technical problems can be found here.

For more information on the background to the transition from Flash to HTML5, click here.