At GameDuell, we aim to bring people together to have a good time with games. To ensure this, we guarantee that fair play and equal conditions are our highest priorities.
A skill-based matching system
Our skill-based matching system is the foundation of our fairness guarantee. To ensure you have a fair chance, our system matches you automatically with other players of similar experience.
However, certain exceptions allow you to play against players of any skill level, for example, when challenging friends or by selecting the "open to all" option in our live games.
Special protection for beginners
Our website is designed so that players can slowly approach the different duel types. Higher stake duels as well as multiplayer duels and mini-leagues are locked until a player has gained enough experience in the respective game.
Equal starting conditions
GameDuell ensures identical starting conditions. This means both players are dealt the exact same set at the beginning of a duel. Different sets are dealt in some multiplayer duels, such as Crossword Puzzle and WordShow. This prevents players from cooperating to obtain an unfair advantage over any other player. However, to ensure an equal chance, the set difficultly level remains the same for all players.
Comparison with your opponents
You can view your potential opponent's player account to check their skill level, high scores, number of duels played, and awards. This way players can assess which opponents to play.
Fair play amongst players
By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions (particularly section 3.5), GameDuell members confirm to fair play and to adhere to our principles of communication. Each report of unfair play or violations of our terms is investigated and action is taken accordingly when required.
Fraud prevention
To prevent abusive and unfair behaviour, we have established several security mechanisms. For example, we regularly check player accounts, duel results, and payment transactions partially automatically through standardized processes as well as through individual manual checks. This allows us to identify anomalies and patterns within gaming behaviour and results and if necessary, to take swift countermeasures.