Start exciting duels and set the entry fee yourself. As the first player of a duel you benefit from three advantages.

Three starting advantages:

  • Winning in case of a draw: In the event of a draw, the player who played first always wins. Take advantage of this head start.
  • Winning target: You can choose the winnings and entry fee as well as the number of participants taking part in the duel.
  • Play immediately: As the first player, you can play immediately.
Equal rights for all 
All GameDuell players should be able to enjoy the advantages of playing first. For this reason, the number of duels in which you can play first is limited (depending on the time of day).

How do I play a duel first?
  • Select the number of participants: Specify the number of duel participants (2-, 3-, 4- or 5-person duel).
  • Select entry: Select the entry fee and the resulting prize
  • Play: Click on "Play" - and off you go!

What are the entry levels and limits?
  • Entry levels: Depending on the duel type and limit, you can choose different entry levels.
  • Limits: If you have only played a few duels in a game, the entry levels are limited. After that, you also have higher entries to choose from.