For a maximum level of security for your player account, we recommend using a secure password.
A secure password has the following requirements: 
  • It contains several characters
  • It contains variation by mixing letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and upper and lower case letters
  • The character arrangement should be as random and unique as possible
  • Using numbers or punctuation only at the end of your password and upper case only at the beginning of your password (e.g., "Sally2021!")
  • Using simple or repetitive combinations that only meet minimum requirements (e.g., "aaabbbccc123", "123456789ABC", "AbAbAbAbAb1'')
  • Simple combinations of (user)name, date of birth, or address 
  • Frequently used combinations (e.g., "Password", "GameDuell", "qwerty", "12345678910")

Create a strong password you can remember

→ Random combinations of words or phrases are better than short random combinations of letters, numbers, and characters due to their length and are easier to remember (e.g., "benhaswhitespots" or "yellowlawnmowersundaydriver")
→ You can make these sentences even more secure by using numbers and punctuation marks (e.g., BenH@swh!TeSp0ts)
Create strong, random passwords with a browser or plug-in: 

→ Many browsers can automatically generate strong passwords for you. Since these are very random and difficult to remember, they are stored in your browser or plug-in and remain accessible to you (this usually requires logging into the browser or plug-in).
Remember to keep your login information secret and never give them to third parties. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team